Chicago Honey Bears History

Do the Chicago Bears Have Cheerleaders? Click on video below!

The Chicago Honey Bears originated from the Chicago Bears football team, however they are NO LONGER cheerleaders but technically trained dancers & singers, and the best in the country!

In 1986, when the Chicago Bears disbanded the cheerleaders, Producer Greg Schwartz trade marked the name, purchased a federal registration, & transformed the Chicago Honey Bears into a Phenomenal Production Dance Company that has been performing worldwide in almost every country around the globe ever since.

The choreography is fabulous & they have "Celine Dion" quality singers.  Featuring "American Idol" Hollywood Finalist Season 4 & a top 24 dancer from "So You Think You Can Dance" Season 1.

All of the dancers & singers are extremely talented, professional, bubbly, energetic & excel at personality & crowd interaction.



  • "Thank you so much for all of your effort at the NACSE/NACSA convention at the Greenbrier in Virginia. I especially want to say thanks for your willingness to go above and beyond..."
    Diane Duvall
    Opryland Talent

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