Chicago Honey Bears History

The Chicago Honey Bears originated from the Chicago Bears football team, however they are NO LONGER cheerleaders but technically trained dancers & singers, and the best in the country!

In 1986, when the Chicago Bears disbanded the cheerleaders, Producer Greg Schwartz trade marked the name, purchased a federal registration, & transformed the Chicago Honey Bears into a Phenomenal Production Dance Company that has been performing worldwide in almost every country around the globe ever since.

The choreography is fabulous & they have "Celine Dion" quality singers.  Featuring "American Idol" Hollywood Finalist Season 4 & a top 24 dancer from "So You Think You Can Dance" Season 1.

All of the dancers & singers are extremely talented, professional, bubbly, energetic & excel at personality & crowd interaction.



  • "Thank you so much for all of your effort at the NACSE/NACSA convention at the Greenbrier in Virginia. I especially want to say thanks for your willingness to go above and beyond..."
    Diane Duvall
    Opryland Talent

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