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Chicago Honey Bear Dancers

Chicago Honey Bear Dancers



History of the Chicago Honey Bear Dancers 

Decades of Worldwide Song & Dance Productions in High-End Markets


Chicagoland Roots

The Chicago Honey Bear Dancers originated from the Chicago Bears cheerleading talent squad in 1986. However, we are NOT cheerleaders & we’re not affiliated with the Chicago Bears. 


We are an independent entertainment company of dancers, singers & promotional models.


Elite Private Chicago Events

Producer Greg Schwartz took the most elite dancers of the Chicago Bears cheerleading talent squad to perform in his hit production shows called, 

“I Love Dancing.” These dance productions originally showed at the famous “Faces,” an elite private venue in Chicago.


The Honey Bear name became trademarked under Greg when the Chicago Bears abandoned & disbanded the Honey Bears from the field. Under Greg’s trademark, he transformed the company by selecting highly trained dancers & singers.


Established in High-End Commercial Markets

Greg established the Honey Bear production shows into high-end markets such as corporate events, military bases, state fairs, casinos, resorts 

& special events. 


The Honey Bear name was a downside in the early days, since the public thought of them as the disbanded cheerleaders of the Chicago Bears. 


Greg worked tirelessly to build a new image for the Chicago Honey Bear Dancers. High-end commercial markets wanted nothing to do with cheerleaders & Greg had to remind & convince clients that they were exceptionally talented singers & dancers… NOT cheerleaders!


Today’s Top Commercial Dance Company in Chicago

After decades of worldwide shows, the Chicago Honey Bear Dancers have performed in almost every country. 

 We have one of the most extensive & expansive client lists in all commercial entertainment companies. Our performance record:


  • 70+ Fortune500 Companies
  • 180+ US Military Bases Worldwide
  • 20+ National State Fairs
  • 100s of festivals, casinos, resorts & special events