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Chicago Honey Bear Dancers

Chicago Honey Bear Dancers



Educational Kids Dance Workshops

Important Life Lessons | Anti-bullying | Nonstop Dancing | Interactive Fun

Kids dance on stage the WHOLE TIME! They learn fresh dance moves & important life lessons from our friendly, personable dancers & singers. 


Our Honey Bears are fantastic role models for the kids. They’re educated professionals, family-oriented & take a stand to lead with kindness. 


Along with fun dancing, kids learn important characteristics of good citizenship. Dance workshop lessons include:


·       Anti-bullying

·       Community service

·       Teamwork

·       Importance of education

·       Working towards a big dream

·       Practice makes perfect


Not only will their bodies stay active, but their brains will too!


How it Works – Workshop FAQs

Who can take part in workshops?

All kids ages 2-18! No previous dance skills required! We split kids by age so they’re challenged but comfortable learning a new dance. Our lessons are tailored to their experiences and stage of life.
Where can workshops be done? Do you need a stage?

Our workshops are super portable. All we need is open space & a music source. Stages, basketball courts, parking lots, rec centers, day care, parks – anywhere!


How long are the workshops?

Workshop length is customized based on your package. Typical workshops are 20-30 minutes but can be extended to 1 hour.

Do you wear costumes in the workshop?

Our standard workshops are done in Honey Bear gear. If you want to add more flare & showmanship, various themes are available like 

Outer Space & Super Hero.


Kids will have a blast & beg for us to stay & play!

Client Reviews – Kids Dance Workshops

“The Honey Bear Kids Dance Workshops were upbeat & positive. We’ve had several phone calls & emails from fairgoers complementing them. 

We thank them for providing great entertainment & hope to work with them again in the near future.”


-Amy Bliefnick, State Fair Director at IL State Fair

Hear it from the kids!


Themed Anti-Bullying Dance Workshops

Even more energy, flare & fun with the same positive messages! 

Kids fall in love with our larger-than-life characters who are on a mission to stop bullying.


Outer Space Buddies: Inclusivity & Anti-Bullying

Knockout Bullying with the Super Dancers!
A high-energy, interactive Kids Dance Workshop about acceptance & inclusivity. The stars of the show, Galexia & Pandora, are coming to Earth! If your kids can love these aliens, then they can love everyone 
on Earth!

Kids learn how to be a hero & stand up against bullies. Build confidence to do the right thing when they put on their magic dancing boots. 

High kicks, electric energy & never-ending fun while kids practice 

anti-bullying initiatives.


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