Amp up your parade route with the famous "Chicago Honey Bear Dancers!" 

Our dazzling dancers will entertain your audience with a high-energy 

patriotic dance routine in adorable red, white & blue costumes. 

Dance around our photos, videos, and testimonials below to learn more!





“The Chicago Honey Bear Dancers have great crowd appeal while performing in the Village’s 4th of July Parade.  We have had them perform at the parade for over 5 years and are one of our favorite acts.  The group has lots of energy while dancing no matter how hot it is outside!”

Sue Lessen

Village of Hoffman Estates

Boards & Commissions Secretary

4th of July Parade Organizer

"The Carol Stream Parade Committee happily endorses the Honey Bear Dancers. We've enjoyed having them in our parade for years. They are definitely a home town favorite in Carol Stream! They bring a high level of energy, fun and patriotism to the parade. We look forward to their participation each 4th of July."

Kim Gieser, Chairperson
Carol Stream 4th of July Parade Committee