Song & Dance Shows to Fit Your Audience!
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Chicago Honey Bear Dancers

Chicago Honey Bear Dancers


Themed Shows; Themed Entertainment


Themed Shows to Dazzle Every Crowd

Fan-Loving Classics | Stunning Costumes | Exceptional Talent | Family Favorites 

Themed Shows

Choose from our top themed shows that your audience will adore – guaranteed! 

All themed shows are customized to fit your exact venue & event! 


  • Length of show
  • Costume & song requests 
  • Number of performers
  • Warm “Meet & Greet” sessions
  • Special photo ops
  • Kids Dance Workshops
  • Engaging promotional models
  • Live orchestra add-on

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Themed Entertainment

Show-Stopping Technical Song & Dance Shows

Variety Show for the Masses
Today’s Hottest Hits
All That Jazz
Themed Entertainment

A little bit of everything! Choose multiple themes: Current Hits, 1950’s, Country, Disco, Patriotic, Hip Hop, Roaring 20s & MORE! 

Great for: Fairs, Military, Air Shows

Themed Entertainment

Billboard Top 100 songs & the best artists on the radio. Spotless routines & dance styles to wow the crowd.


Great for: Fairs, Kids Shows, Military, Strolling Entertainment, Contemporary Events

Themed Entertainment

A timeless, sparkly take on Chicago the Musical, the Roaring 20s, Flapper Girls, 1920s Gangsters… all that jazz!


Great for: Corporate, Casinos, Lounges, Main Stage Shows, 1920s Party, Chicago Party, Speakeasies

1950’s Crowd Classics

The Flapper Girl Story

Best of Marilyn Monroe

Themed Entertainment

Get the whole sock hop boppin’ with Elvis, Chubby Checker & tons of high-energy crowd interaction.


Great for: 1950’s Party, Fairs, Kids Shows, Family Event, Military

Themed Entertainment

Comedic musical story of ambitious flapper girls who work at the local speakeasy. Guests will fall in love, learn the lingo & even 1920s dance moves.  


Great for: Speakeasies, Corporate,

Casinos, Lounges

Themed Entertainment

Up close & personal with Hollywood’s famous blonde bombshell. Diamonds & a big “Happy Birthday” for someone special. 


Great for: Speakeasies, Casinos, Lounges, Corporate, Meet & Greets

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Dance Country

1970s Disco & Boogie 

Totally Rad 1980s
Themed Entertainment

Country hits old & new. Tons of crowd sing-a-longs & country line dancin’! The audience will be boot-scootin’ on stage & in the aisles. 


Great for: Fairs, Military, Air Shows, Casinos


Themed Entertainment

A wonderland of go-go girls, disco & flower power. Funky cool dancing & singing that will get the audience shaking their groove thing!


Great for: Disco Parties, Casinos, Corporate, Main Stage Shows

Themed Entertainment

Bring back the clothes, hair & attitude of 1980s youth. It’s a medley of favorites like Flashdance, Janet Jackson, Wham, MC Hammer & Madonna!


Great for: Corporate, 80s Party, Military, Fairs

Themed Entertainment

Halloween Monster Mania

HOLIDAY Spectacular

Patriotic & Military
Themed Entertainment

Sleek secret agents, black cats & cute little monsters all come out to play on Hallows eve!


Great for: Casinos, Lounges, Halloween Party, Military

Themed Entertainment

Glamorous magic of the holiday season with glittery costumes. Our Santa girls are on the lookout for a Santa baby in their winter wonderland.


Great for: Holiday Parties, Corporate, Military

Themed Entertainment

Classic 1940s military favorites like Yankee Doodle Dandy & Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy. Stir up patriotism in service members & their families.


Great for: Fairs, Parades, Military, Air Shows


Fresh, Educational & Engaging Kids Shows

Today’s Top Hits for Kids

Themed Entertainment

Kids will sing their hearts out & love dancing with us on stage! 

You know those top songs that the kids can’t get enough of? We’ve already got a routine to it!

Life Lessons & Non-Stop Dancing

Themed Entertainment
Kids get nonstop, active fun while learning valuable life lessons like teamwork, community service, anti-bullying, achieving big dreams 
& the power of education. They’ll love the casual, special attention 
with our performers!

Your kids will instantly fall in love with our exceptional role models!


Outer Space Buddies: Inclusivity & Anti-Bullying

Themed Entertainment
A high-energy, interactive Kids Dance Workshop about acceptance 
& inclusivity. The stars of the show, Galexia & Pandora, are coming 
to Earth! If kids can love these aliens, then they can love everyone 
on Earth!

Knockout Bullying with the Super Dancers

Themed Entertainment
Kids learn how to be a hero & stand up against bullies. Build 
confidence to do the right thing when they put on their magic 
dancing boots. High kicks, electric energy & never-ending fun
 while kids practice anti-bullying initiatives.
Our Honey Bears are educated professionals, family-oriented & compassionate role models for the kids. 
Learn more about our Kids Dance Workshops.

Themed Entertainment