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 Thinking about booking our show? Talk to one of our producers now!


1. Where can I watch performance videos of your song & dance entertainment?

Stay up-to-date on upcoming performances on our Honey Bear Facebook , Instagram or Youtube.

2. How long are your song & dance shows?

Our performances are tailored to suit your specific requirements, offering a range of options such as individual

pop-up routines, exciting flash mobs, comprehensive full-production shows, and 30-minute performances for fairs. The duration of our shows typically falls within the 10 to 60-minute range.

3. How long are your kids dance workshops?

The duration of our workshops can be flexible to meet your needs. Many clients opt for engaging 20-30 minute dance workshops. If you're interested in educational dance workshops with costumes and thematic elements, we have those available as well.

4. How much do your shows cost?

The pricing is contingent on factors like the location, the specific show package, and the number of performance days. Let's have a discussion to better understand your preferences and provide you with accurate pricing.

5. I'm in search of global talent. Do you operate as a traveling dance team?

Our performances span the globe! Based in Chicago, we showcase our talents locally, nationally, and internationally, catering to a wide range of industries.

6. Are Trade Show models available to staff my booth?

We provide engaging, approachable, and attractive models to enhance your brand's sales, sign-ups, and lead generation. Our models possess both extensive experience and a strong educational background, allowing them to seamlessly integrate into your brand as seasoned sales associates.

7. Is it possible for you to conduct weekly performances at our venue? Are you able to serve as the resident entertainment for our organization?

Absolutely! Whether you're interested in a single performance or seeking weekly, monthly, or annual contracts, we can cater to your needs. Get in touch with us to discuss residency agreements.

8. How can I try out for a role as a Honey Bear dancer, singer, or model?

We're constantly on the lookout for new performers, both nationally and locally! We offer dance opportunities throughout the year across the country.

9. Is it possible to obtain autographed merchandise?

Absolutely! Feel free to contact us to acquire a personalized, autographed package, which includes a poster and a Honey Bear T-shirt, priced at only $39.95, plus shipping costs. For more choices in merchandise, please visit our 

10. Do you exclusively feature female dancers? Is your dance company comprised entirely of women?

Our core team primarily consists of female dancers, but we also welcome and work with male dancers and ballroom dancers on occasion for customized events, embracing a diverse and inclusive approach.

11. How long have the Honey Bears been around?

The Honey Bears have been a prominent presence in the entertainment industry for nearly four decades, demonstrating our expertise in customizing our shows to meet our clients' specific needs. Our track record of consistently exceeding our clients' expectations through well-received performances attests to our enduring appeal with audiences.

12. Are you affiliated with the Chicago Bears Football Team? Are you the official dance team for the Bears Football? Do you provide cheerleading and sporting event performances?

We have roots in the Chicago Bears Cheerleaders talent squad, but we are now an independent entity. While we are not affiliated with the Chicago Bears Football Team, we have a rich history in football entertainment (see more here). Our talented dancers, singers, and models are available to perform at sporting events and can also help promote your team or brand.

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