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Chicago Honey Bear Cheerleaders

"Chicago Honey Bears"
Chicago Bears Cheerleaders

Chicago Honey Bear Dancers: The Chicagoland Legacy

Our Journey from Cheerleading to Elite Entertainment

The Chicago Honey Bear Dancers have a unique origin, tracing back to the Chicago Bears cheerleading talent squad in 1986. Despite our roots, it's important to clarify that we are not cheerleaders, nor are we affiliated with the Chicago Bears.

We proudly stand as an independent entertainment enterprise consisting of extremely talented dancers, singers, and promotional models.


Elevating the Entertainment Scene

Under the visionary guidance of Producer Greg Schwartz, we handpicked the most exceptional dancers from the Chicago Bears cheerleading talent squad to star in our renowned production show, "I Love Dancing." These dynamic dance productions initially graced the stage at the iconic "Faces," an elite private venue in Chicago.

Reclaiming the Honey Bear Legacy

The Honey Bear name came under Greg's trademark after the Chicago Bears discontinued their association with the Honey Bears cheerleading squad. Under Greg's leadership, the company underwent a transformation, selecting highly trained dancers and singers.


Established in Upscale Markets

Greg elevated the Honey Bear production shows to thrive in high-end markets, including corporate events, military bases, state fairs, casinos, resorts, and special events. However, in the early days, the Honey Bear name posed a challenge, as the public still associated it with the disbanded cheerleaders of the Chicago Bears. These markets that Greg targeted had zero interest in hiring cheerleaders. Greg tirelessly worked to reinvent the image of the Chicago Honey Bear Dancers. 


Today's Premier Commercial Dance Company in Chicago

After decades of entertaining audiences worldwide, the Chicago Honey Bear Dancers have showcased their talents in nearly every corner of the globe. We proudly maintain one of the most extensive and expansive client lists among all commercial entertainment companies. Our impressive record includes:

  • Over 70 Fortune 500 Companies

  • Entertaining at 180+ US Military Bases Worldwide

  • Delighting audiences at 20+ National State Fairs

  • Performing at hundreds of festivals, casinos, resorts, and special events

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