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About Us

Since 1986, Chicago's Premier Commercial Performance Company: Where Excellence Meets Entertainment! With top Producers, seasoned dancers and singers, and charismatic performers, we're your destination for unmatched talent, elegance, and professionalism – From booking to beyond.

Our spectacular shows encompass a wide array of music and dance genres, including the 1950s, Disco, Motown, the 80s, Country, Broadway, Marilyn Monroe, Patriotic, the Roaring 20s, Can Can, Kids' Favorites, Current Hits, and so much more! We also feature our superstar singer from "American Idol."

Prepare for ecstatic guests – We guarantee it! We're masters of interaction, bursting with personality, and experts in creating instant warmth with your audience.

Let's collaborate to create unforgettable shows featuring singing, dancing, dazzling costumes, and fantastic choreography. We aim to deliver the most enjoyable experience your audience has ever witnessed!

Our Management Team

Chicago Honey Bear Dancers- Producers

Greg & Lisa Schwartz


For three remarkable decades, this powerhouse husband and wife duo has been lighting up the global stage, creating and producing sensational song and dance performances that have captivated audiences worldwide! 

Their unwavering passion for the arts and their seamless collaboration have made them an unstoppable creative force.


Dance through their bios below.

Chicago Honey Bear Dancers- Producer Gre

Greg Schwartz

Founder, CEO, Producer/Director

Meet the mastermind and creative genius behind "Chicago Honey Bear Dancers!" There's no doubt Greg's lifelong passion for dance and music is the driving force behind his successful worldwide enterprise.

At 17, Greg was a professional disco dance instructor in Chicagoland, teaching seven nights per week in some of Chicago's hottest nightclubs, including the elite Arlington Park Hilton's Take One Disco and the exclusive private nightclub FACES on Rush St., where all the Hollywood celebs hung out on a nightly basis.


Greg also served as the entertainment director at Faces while producing sold-out production shows called "I Love Dancing!" which incorporated the Honey Bears.

Photo- Former "Chicago Honey Bears" from left to right: Mary Jo, Trina, Greg, Kayleen, and Kim.

Chicago Honey Bear Dancers

Over 37 years, the Honey Bears, under Greg's leadership, performed extensively, leaving their mark in nearly every U.S. state and across various countries, including performances for over 180 U.S. military bases, over 70 of the Fortune 500 companies,

20 + state fairs, and hundreds of festivals, corporate events, conventions, and casinos.

Greg built his highly successful and spectacular company on five key essential elements that remain intact today:

Hard Work Ethic, Integrity, Professionalism, Teamwork, and Mutual Respect.


Maintaining these core principles over the course of 37 years is a testament to Greg's leadership and the culture he has cultivated within his company.

Greg is a trailblazer in the commercial dance industry, paving the way for top-notch entertainment at corporate events, casinos, resorts, military bases, fairs, and family events for over three decades.

More about Greg:

  • Greg's passion for music, dance, and hockey ignited at the age of 5

  • His dance teaching career extended over 27 years at Harper College.

  • He won numerous disco dance competitions as well as first place in a national DJ spin-off in Las Vegas

  • He founded his high school's first dance troupe and served as the choreographer for all dance shows during that time

  • Greg holds a Business degree from Loyola University

  • He also played hockey for Loyola University and is a dedicated fan of the Chicago Blackhawks

  • His parents are his most influential role models

  • Zoe, his treasured and precious furbaby will forever hold a special place in his heart 

Chicago Honey Bear Dancers

Lisa Michelle Schwartz

Producer, Singer/Dancer, Line Captain

Meet Lisa, a renowned commercial production show producer in Chicago, who has earned a stellar reputation for her exceptional work.


She's got show business in her DNA! In addition to her role in producing our shows, Lisa is a multifaceted talent, excelling as a singer, dancer, and promotional model.


With decades of diverse experience under her belt, Lisa has an edge like no other. She knows the secret to that "wow" factor in every show she creates. Having performed in and produced thousands of shows worldwide, Lisa is your ultimate asset for crafting experiences tailored to your audience.


Whether it's any venue or any industry, Lisa specializes in customizing shows to your exact needs. Get ready for your audience to fall in love with everything Lisa brings to the stage!

More about Lisa:

  • Performing professionally since age 10

  • American Idol Season 4 singer making the Hollywood rounds with Carrie Underwood

  • Featured in 7-Up commercial filmed in Maui, Hawaii

  • Brand ambassador & model for Cannon, Kelloggs, Tecate, Topo Chico & Revlon

  • Miss March 2004 ESPN Fuegos 

  • XFL Cheerleader for the Chicago Enforcers (with her own trading card)

  • Top 3 Chicago Idol

  • Singer for the Bozo Show

  • Lead Production singer with Upbeat Orchestra

  • Founder of Alzheimer's Caregiver Support (in memory of Greg's mom Joan)

Chicago Honey Bear Dancers


Assistant Line Captain, 12th year

  • Started with Honey Bears the day after her high school graduation

  • Had her first HB tour in Jamaica at 18 - and oh what fun it was!

  • Lives the Army life with her husband and son

  • Loves adopting senior horses

  • Runs multiple copywriting and media brands 

Chicago Honey Bear Dancers


Assistant Line Captain, 5th year

  • Born & raised in Texas (where she learned how to do big hair)

  • She works hard so her kitty cats have the fab life they deserve

  • She's got hot sauce in her bag #swag

  • Obsessed with pickles

  • While not on HB tours, she's teaching the next generation how to groove

Chicago Honey Bear Dancers


Social Media Asst., Singer/Dancer, 2nd year

  • First met the Chicago Honey Bear Dancers, as a child, at her local State Fair

  • She's always asked if she's Lisa's twin

  • Favorite TV Show: Survivor

  • 2023 NACMAI Female Traditional Gospel Vocalist AND Entertainer of the Year

  • Will never pass up Mexican food

  • Never leaves the house without her Honey Bear Pride 



We guarantee you won’t find a team like this! 

Our team comprises a tight-knit group of All-American performers who embody kindness and professionalism.

With extensive experience and education, we serve as positive role models for the youth of today.

We are a versatile and seasoned group of professionals known for our compassion and approachability.

Building immediate connections with our audience members and clients is second nature to us.

Our team consists of carefully chosen individuals, including accomplished singers, dancers, and models who have excelled in our rigorous audition and interview process. They dedicate months to refining their skills to perfection for our shows.

Our collective energy is infectious, and we prioritize a family-oriented atmosphere within our team. We pride ourselves on going the extra mile to ensure that both clients and audiences have an outstanding and welcoming experience.

Dance into the world of our productions
and explore the shows we can create just for you!

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