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Kids Dance Workshop- Chicago Honey Bear Dancers

Kids Dance Workshops

Anti-Bullying Dance Workshop for Kids!

Join seasoned professionals performing worldwide to learn popular dance moves.

Show off your new skills to family and friends in a dazzling performance.

Capture the moment with a special photo opportunity alongside the "Chicago Honey Bear Dancers".

But that's not all! Immerse yourself in the important message of

Be a BUDDY, not a bully”.

We invite your kids to groove into the fun, teamwork, and empowering lessons this anti-bullying dance workshop has to offer.

The mission of the “Chicago Honey Bear Dancers” is to inspire, educate, and unleash your creativity within the dance world.

How it Works – Workshop FAQs

Who's invited to join the Workshops?

Kids of all ages are welcome! Our workshops are designed for anyone with a passion for dance and a desire to learn. Join us and let the dancing begin!

Kids Dance Workshop

Where can Workshops take place?
Do you need a stage?

Our workshops are versatile and can be hosted in a variety of locations. While a stage is great, it's not always necessary. We can adapt to your venue, whether it's a stage, a spacious room, or even an outdoor area. Just let us know your space, and we'll make it work!

Family Entertainment

How long are the Workshops?

The duration of our workshops is tailored to your specific package. Typically, workshops run for 30 minutes, but we can extend them to 1 hour to accommodate your needs and preferences.

Kids Dance Workshop
Kids Dance Workshops

Do you wear costumes in the Workshop?

In our standard workshops, we're dressed in Honey Bear gear. However, if you're looking to add extra flair and showmanship, we offer a range of themed options, including Outer Space and Super Hero themes to make the experience even more exciting!

Grab Your Dancing Shoes...
and Book a Kids Dance Workshop with Us!

“The Honey Bear Kids Dance Workshops were upbeat & positive. We’ve had several phone calls & emails from fairgoers complimenting them. 

We thank them for providing great entertainment & hope to work with them again in the near future.”​

Amy Bliefnick, State Fair Director at IL State Fair

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